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Now a band with a different flavour. A mental sort of jazzy punk funk - they're called Hot Head Show and I absolutely love it. — Laurene Laverne BBC 6Music

Maddeningly engaging ... Hot Head Show are perfect for anyone who likes their band weird and wild. — Kerrang

Nimble, racing music with moments of Nick Cave passion and Beefheart Blues contortion - they offer the complex pleasure of shaking your head in three directions at once. — Clive Bell

Hot Head Show Front-man Jordan Copeland, Bassist Jonah Brody and Drummer Max Hallet

“Hot Head Show are inherently sexy ... It seems they have a lot to say, but don't want to take too much time to say it.” — Notion Magazine

“The trio are experimental certainly, but that's like simply saying the sun is quite warm. They are sweetly melodic one moment and hugely unsettling the next, willfully sludgy then aggressively staccato, both confrontational and conciliatory. By rights, it should make for one unholy and uncoordinated shit storm, but "by rights" doesn't apply here (few of the standard reference points do) and debut album The Lemon LP is as unique and inventive as anything we've heard for a long time.” — The Mad Mackerel blog

Hot Head Show drummer Max Hallet, front-man Jordan Copeland and bassist Vaughn Stokes

“Remarkably cool ... Eleven extremely witty ditties played with fierce precision - well-crafted songs that stick in your head, flatly refusing to budge. Schizo jazzy sections crossed with big riffage give you the impression this is going to be awesome live and indeed they are. Hot Head Show have developed a sound entirely their own and it's damn good. These guys deserve to be huge.” — Bearded Magazine

“Any band set to support Primus on a tour next month would be forgiven for experiencing the pre-show jitters. Yet frontman Jordan Bennett is far from quaking in his boots, instead both on and off stage he does appear (dare I say it..?) kind of bad-ass. The band's musical style is hard to define ... the melodies are layered with dynamic tempo changes and syncopated arrangements with each song producing an unconventional and brilliantly chaotic sound ... The next London date for Hot Head Show will be to a sold out Brixton Academy and there is no doubt they will be well received ... you can't help but admire Hot Head Show, even if their wardrobe choices are not to your liking.” — London Music Blog

Hot Head Show fan meets front-man Jordan Copeland

“They pack more music into each of their songs than most bands manage in a whole album ... I can't say it out loud but there was talk of them blowing Primus off the stage.” — Flush the Fashion

“A real crowd-pleaser - it's got Pow. You need their album in your life. I'm serious.” — Never Enough Notes blog

Hot Head Show Chopstickabean music video actors at a filming

"I've never heard anything quite like this before and I really can't compare it directly with any one band ... In truth there's not a day goes by that I don't listen to it at least a couple of times. Almost beyond description." — Sonic Abyss blog

Hot Head Show drummer Max Hallet and bassist Vaughn Stokes stand by while front-man Jordan Copeland reads about Adventures in Appreciation
Hot Head Show playing a live tour in USA with Primus